The West Hills Way

In 1987, West Hills High School opened with 300 students, fourteen teachers in temporary buildings, and a special sense of what schooling was all about. From those early beginnings, the staff and students have stayed true to their early commitment to a special kind of education, which came to be known as the “West Hills Way”. This underpinning of commitment to making all students successful has aided this campus through periods of tremendous growth, which included moving to a facility on 76 acres. We have established outstanding programs in academics, the arts, student activities, and athletics. The eight principles are simple but effective.

It is:
  1. Academics First – It’s “cool” to study and work hard at West Hills
  2. Treating fellow students, teachers, staff, and visitors well – the way you want to be treated.
  3. No Cliques – “We are one, We are the Pack”
  4. No put downs
  5. Saying “Hi” to other members of the pack, saying “No” to drugs and alcohol.
  6. Using good language – use of profane or vulgar language only shows a lack of vocabulary.
  7. Dressing in a proper manner – clean and in good taste.
  8. Playing hard, but fair and sportsmanlike.