West Hills CTE Pathways

Digital Imagery Pathway (A CTE Funded Pathway)
  1. 10th - Photo 1/2
  2. 11th - Digital Arts
  3. 12th - Advanced Photography

Sports Medicine (A CTE Funded Pathway)
  1. 10th or 11th - Sports Medicine 1
  2. 11th or 12th - Sports Medicine 2

Medical Science Pathway (Academic Pathway - Supported by Specialized Secondary Program grant funds)

Health Pathways version 2 from Ron Cook Media on Vimeo.

  1. 9th - Medical Biology
  2. 10th - Medical Chemistry
  3. 11th - Medical Physiology
Medical Science and Wellness (HSAW) Academy (A CTE Funded Linked Learning Pathway)
  1. 11th - Sports Medicine 2
  2. 11th - Medical English
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What are pathways? 

Pathways improve high schools by providing an exciting learning environment that motivates students. Pathways include academic and technical courses centered on broad industry themes. 

Prepare for both college and career . . . .

    • challenging academic courses 
    • high skill technical courses 

Learn through connecting academics to real world applications

    • tackle authentic workplace projects 
    • consult with industry professionals 
    • advance your skills through an internship 

Have more options after high school 

    •  community college college/university 
    •  technical school military 
    •  apprenticeship employment

Why enroll in a pathway? 

    • Prepare for college and career - not just one
    • Benefit from unique opportunities
    • Earn certifications and/or college credit
    • Develop leadership and teamwork skills
    • Participate in industry tours, job shadows, internships, mentoring, and school enterprises