West Hills High School

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Dear Wolf Pack Students and Parents,

Attendance is a priority at West Hills High School. There is a direct correlation between student achievement and attendance. Every day missed is a lost opportunity for students to learn. 

Concerning attendance is defined as more than 10 tardies or full day absences. (5 total period absences equals 1 full day) In an effort to correct concerning attendance, West Hills is instituting a Loss of Privilege policy. Consequences for students who have demonstrated concerning attendance may include: 

  • attending assigned after school detention

  • attending Saturday School to make up period absences 

  • loss of privilege to attend dances such as the Spring Dance, Prom or other school wide optional events

  • loss of privilege to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, performing arts, etc. 

  • loss of privilege to attend field trips

  • loss of privilege to pick up your yearbook prior to June 1 

  • SART meeting (Student Attendance Review Team) 

  • change of scheduled start period to a later time

Students need to check their @guhsd.net student email accounts at least once per school day as students will be notified if they are on the list throughout the semester via their school email accounts. As always, students should be checking their email accounts frequently. 

To be considered for removal from the Loss of Privilege list (having more than 10 tardies and/or 10 full day absences, unserved detentions, a combination of the above and/or lack demonstration of the West Hills Way, you must attend at least one of the Saturday School sessions below. This means you may not attend the Spring Dance, Prom or other school wide optional events until you complete this assignment. 

Saturday School Dates to choose from currently:

February  22

March 14

April 18

May 9

May 30 

We encourage you to review your student’s attendance regularly and help promote positive habits. 

Thank you for partnering with us in your student’s education.  

Please contact Assistant Principal John Hoadley if you have any questions. 





  • Academics first. It's "cool" to study and work hard at West Hills.

  • Treat fellow students, teachers, staff and visitors the way you want to be treated.

  • No cliques "We are One, We are the Pack."

  • No put-downs.

  • Say "hi" to members of the Pack, say "no" to drugs and alcohol.

  • Use appropriate language; use of profane or vulgar language only shows a lack of vocabulary.

  • Dress in a proper manner, clean and in good taste.

  • Play hard but fair with sportsmanlike behavior.