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Advanced Placement at West Hills

Advanced Placement at West Hills

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: What are they?
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AP courses are college-level courses taught at the high school. Students are taught a rigorous depth and breadth of material following the College Board required elements for each course. The purpose of the AP program is to enable students to be competitive with other students throughout the nation on challenging AP exams. Successfully completing these exams allows students to earn college credit for courses taken in high school and is a bonus for students and their families when facing the rising costs of college education. Students who have taken an AP course but who opt out of the AP exam have had a more rigorous course than other students on campus and are better prepared for their future. For the purpose of computing grade point averages within the Grossmont Union High School District, Advance Placement courses carry a “weighted” 5-point “A”. 

We encourage all AP students to pay for and take the AP exam in the subjects they are enrolled in. Some colleges will not acknowledge the AP course in a student’s transcript if they have not attempted the exam(s) for courses in which they are enrolled. We strongly encourage you and your student review college admissions policies for the college(s) and university(ies) of your choice to make an informed decision on taking the exam or not. Even within the California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC) systems, policies vary from college to college, university to university.
Here is a link to the district web page for AP Testing:
AP Exam Ordering and Cost Information

AP Exam Ordering and Cost Information

Check your email frequently for updated AP Information. Helpful links:
  • Fee Waiver Form due to Admin office by 1PM Friday, October 1st
  • Exam Ordering window: October 3rd - November 4th
  • After November 4th there is a $40 late fee imposed by the College Board
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

AP exams cost money. Why does a student have to pay for an exam at a public school?

The AP level coursework is an elective level of rigor. Students must choose to enroll and stay in AP courses. The College Board, a non-profit private entity maintains, publishes and scores the AP exams. They determine the fee, each year, for each test. For the 2022-23 school year, the fee is $97 per test. For low income families, there are fee waivers available. Please contact Mrs. Gaeir in the administration office for more information in September when it becomes available. Fees are collected in September each year for the May exams. To pay your student’s total bill, we take cash, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and checks made out to "West Hills High School." You may also order on-line in the ASB store but there is a surcharge for this. 
What AP courses does West Hills offer? (Click here for AP Exam Dates)
  • Biology   
  • Calculus (AB)  
  • Chemistry 
  • Computer Science Principles  
  • English Language  
  • English Literature   
  • German  
  • Physics C 
  • Psychology  
  • Spanish Language 
  • Statistics  
  • Studio Art 
  • US Government and Politics 
  • US History 
  • World History  
What if my student has a testing conflict?

Late testing is available in very rare and unique circumstances and for CIF playoffs. The College Board will not allow late testing for illness (unless serious with doctor’s note or hospitalization), vacation, etc. Students should talk with the AP Coordinator, Mrs. Gaeir, in the Assistant Principal’s office as soon as a conflict is known, particularly for CIF athletic competition needs.

Where can I get more information regarding the AP program?

The College Board hosts a very user friendly comprehensive web site at www.collegeboard.com. Look for “AP” and you will find massive resources on all the courses, testing, scoring, etc.

For course specific questions, please contact the West Hills teacher teaching the course your student is enrolled in.

You can also contact West Hills AP Coordinator, Assistant Principal Mr. Falconer at 619-956-0420 or by e-mail. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please put your student’s name and “AP question” in the subject line so the e-mail reaches Mr. Falconer and is not filtered out.