West Hills High School

The Path to High School Graduation and Beyond - 10th grade edition

The Path to High School Graduation and Beyond - 10th grade editiontitle

The following is an action plan you and your family can follow to set you up to have any opportunity you desire after high school. We will revisit this plan each year, but we want to give you a game plan so feel empowered to continue making the right choices to reach the goals you have set for yourself.
What you should be doing now…

What you should be doing now…title

  • Practice good time management and study skills to keep good grades. Use a calendar to keep track of assignments & deadlines. Staying organized helps. Remember - every class counts!
  • Either get or stay involved with extracurricular activities, clubs, leadership roles and community service. These will help on college and scholarship applications and it is proven that students who are involved in school are more successful in school. And plus…they are a lot of fun!
  • Look at and modify your 4–year educational plan to help you reach your goals for after high school. The counselors will help you with this through Career Cruising.
  • Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse if you are interested in participating in college athletics.
  • Attend our district’s Got Plans? College and Career Fair in October to start getting excited and interested in different colleges and careers.
  • Take the PSAT test in October. This is a practice test for the SAT which is one of the required 4 year college admissions tests. ** If you need accommodations, contact the College Board for the SAT or ACT for the ACT test.
  • Scholarship search time! Visit the scholarship page on the West Hills website and Ms. Murillo in counseling. Other great scholarship websites are www.fastweb.com and www.cappex.com.
In the spring!!!

In the spring!!!title

  • Choose classes for next year that will make you eligible for admission to a 4 year college right after high school. You should have already started meeting your required Science and World Language requirements, but if not, you absolutely must include those in your schedule next year. Also consider meeting your Fine Art requirement next year if you have not yet done so.
  • If you earned a D or an F in a class, make sure to sign up for summer school to retake the class.