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The Path to High School Graduation and Beyond - 12th grade edition

The Path to High School Graduation and Beyond - 12th grade edition

Congratulations on reaching your senior year of high school. It is an exciting time in your life, but it is also a very important and busy time. The following game plan should help you as you maneuver through your last year in high school and figure out exactly where you are going to be when it is over. 

What you should be doing right now...

  • Choose classes for next year that will make you eligible for admission to a 4 year college right after high school.  Make sure you meet your Fine Art requirement next year if you have not yet done so as well as continue in your Math, Science and World Language classes.  Challenge yourself but be realistic as it is imperative that you keep all of your grades up to C’s or higher.
  • If you earned a D or an F in a class, make sure to sign up for summer school to retake the class.

Next school year…when you will be a 12th grader!!

  • Practice good time management and study skills to keep good grades.  Use a calendar to keep track of assignments & deadlines. Staying organized helps.  Remember - every class counts!
  • Either get or stay involved with extracurricular activities, clubs, leadership roles and community service.  These help on college and scholarship applications and they are a lot of fun!
  • Attend our district’s Got Plans? College and Career Fair in October to start getting excited and interested in different colleges and careers.  Attend other college fairs in San Diego too.
  • Take the SAT and/or ACT by Nov. or Dec. (should be taken in the spring of Jr. year also).  These are required for admission into 4 year colleges. Consider taking some SAT subject tests as many colleges look at these scores as well.  **If you need accommodations, contact SAT or ACT directly.
  • Start applying to colleges.  All CSU and UC schools have deadlines of Nov. 30 and private and out of state schools have deadlines closely after in December and January (for most).  Make sure you have narrowed down your college list – you should not apply to tons of schools because you should have already started figuring out the ones you are truly interested in.
  • Ask adults who are willing to write letters of recommendation for you in advance.  We are all asked to write many letters and they are quite time consuming. There will be a “Senior Brag Packet” due by October in order to get a letter from your counselor and earn your diploma.
  • Make sure to send official scores for SAT, ACT and AP tests to the schools you are applying to as well as sending your official transcripts from all high schools and colleges you have attended.  Requests for West Hills transcripts can be made with Mr. Novicio in the front office.
  • Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at www.fafsa.ed.gov as close to October 1 as possible, but make sure to wait until after October 1 and before March 2.