West Hills High School

GUHSD Infinite Campus

GUHSD Infinite Campus

With access to Infinite Campus, GUHSD’s student information system, you can look up your student's attendance history online.

You may pick up your user ID and password from the Attendance Office during school hours. In order to protect your students personal information, user IDs and passwords will only be given out with a photo ID to the parent or guardian on file.
Absence / Truancies Policies and Procedures

Absence / Truancies Policies and Procedures

Full-Day Absences/Truancies:

West Hills High School  recognizes the relationship between positive student attendance and academic success.

Absence, truancy and tardiness to school/class results in a loss of opportunity to learn and to maximize time on task.

Parents/guardians shall be notified in writing when accumulated absences reach five and 10 absences. 

Parents/guardians should contact the school in the event of extenuating circumstances; the administration should discuss the case with the teacher involved.

Parents/guardians should clear absences within three school days or the student will be considered truant.

There will be no automatic drop from class. However, students who accumulate more than ten unexcused absences may not earn a passing grade and must attend Saturday School or after-school intervention in order to ensure receiving a passing grade. 

Excused absences may also be made-up by attending Saturday Scholars or after-school interventions. In accordance with Education Code, Section 37223, students with unexcused absences may be required to attend Saturday Scholar days. 

Students may be dropped for excessive absences (exceeding ten absences in a semester class), if it is determined that the absences, in combination with, lack of effort, lack of academic success, or poor attitude results in disruptive behavior. 

Students and parents/guardians must recognize that there is a direct relationship between school attendance and grades/credits earned.

To clear a full day absence, the student must do one of the following within 3 days (including the absent day) or he/she will be considered truant:
  • Have the parent call the 24 hour Attendance Number: 956-0434;
  • Bring a note from the parent;
  • Fill out a J-31 card - located in the attendance office.
**Due to the high volume of absences, the attendance office is no longer able to make courtesy calls home to remind parents to clear student absences. If the parent has set up their Parent Portal account within Infinite Campus, they may recieve automated calls. Questions on how to set up a Parent Portal Account are answered by calling the District Help Line: 956-HELP (4357). 
Leaving School Early – Partial Day Absence

If your student is leaving campus early for an appointment, they need to bring a note to the attendance office before leaving campus; otherwise it will be considered a period truancy.

Students will only be released to their legal guardian through the attendance office unless permission is given from the guardian in a note or phone call to someone else (i.e. grandparents, sister, brother, neighbor). Please don't confuse this with an emergency release for sick students through the nurse's office; they have a different release policy.
Arriving at School Late –Partial Day Absence

If a student arrives late, he/she must bring a note to the attendance office and get an official pass to class.
There are no excused tardies due to traffic or weather problems. Our teachers are here on time to teach. When students arrive late - often with Starbucks or McDonald's in hand - it is disruptive not only to teaching and learning but to the entire school community. Please continue to make getting out of the house early enough a priority so students are on time to class.
Homework Drop-off and Deliveries

If your student forgets homework projects, PE clothes, lunch money, cell phones, etc., you may drop them off at the attendance office for your student to pick up.  We don't interrupt class to deliver these items; your student must know to pick them up.

If a student has a minimum of 3 lates, period truancies, or all day truancies, (or any combination of the three), any the following action may be taken:
  • Referral to Probation Officer
  • SART contract
  • ISA – In School Alternative
  • Referral to District Attorney’s Office
  • Involuntary transfer to Alternative Education or SARB school