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Sales update

Sales update

2024 books: only 350 left! Senior memory ads now available!
We gladly accept student, family, and coach photos: e-mail (westhillsyearbook@guhsd.net), use the SNAP app, or click below. 
Need to know for 2023-2024

Need to know for 2023-2024

Q. Where do I pick up my yearbook? 
A: On May 28-31, 2024 at lunch outside of PackDen 2  [This is on the eastern edge of campus between Science and Art, close to the access road.  Look for the area enclosed by chainlink fence.]  Please bring school ID.  Fines must be cleared to get the book.
The 2024 book is $85, and purchases can be at the ASB webstore or in person at the Finance Office.  Sorry, but the distribution area cannot process sales.  
Q: I don't know if I bought a book yet.  Can you check?
A: You can log in to the ASB webstore under "My Account" and see all purchases on your individual student account.

Q: How can I get my yearbook 2021, 2022, or 2023 yearbook that I already paid for if I missed distribution?

A:  Come BEFORE SCHOOL to see Mrs. Boehme in PackDen2 (the Yearbook room) starting in August 2024.  Please bring a photo ID. 

Q: I want to buy an old yearbook.  How can I do that?
A: We have a limited number of past books available, invidually $20 or 3 for $50.  Please check with us in PackDEN2 before you pay.  Available years are: 2022, 2021; 2020 and some previous years.  You can also reach us at westhillsyearbook@guhsd.net or use the email option below.


Check your email for surveys.  We send them every few weeks.  
Memory Ads

Memory Ads

Make your ad at yearbookforever.com

due Tuesday, 16 January 2024 at yearbookforever.com
Make your own ONLINE!  It's fast and easy.  Make and pay online in one session.  (No saving.  Sorry.)
Must be submitted by Tuesday, 16 January 2024 for guaranteed space.  After that, contact us about availability. 
    Full-page: $280  Half-page: $145   Quarter-page: $80   Eighth-page: $50.  color or black/white
    Images and text subject to approval by school staff.   We CANNOT accept studio portraits unless you have a copyright release from the photographer.  Thank you for respecting copyright law.  This includes sports trading cards from their youth, senior portraits, family shots from studios, etc.  

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