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Sales update

Sales update

You can still buy a 2021 yrbk from Finance!
We gladly accept student, family, and coach photos: e-mail (westhillsyearbook@guhsd.net), use the SNAP app, or click below. 
Need to know

Need to know

Q. Where do I pick up my yearbook? 
A: On June 1, 2 and 3 during period 6 and lunch outside of PackDen 2  [This is on the eastern edge of campus between Science and Art, close to the access road.  Look for the area enclosed by chainlink fence.]  Please bring any ID (driver's license; school ID from this year; school ID from last year; military ID) to claim your book.
The 2021 book is $50, and purchases can be ONLY made IN PERSON at the Finance Office.  Sorry, but the distribution area cannot process sales.  
Q: Can I still buy a book?  
A: Yes, but in order to make sure we don't oversell our limited quantities, please go the Finance office in person.  
Q: I don't know if I bought a book yet.  Can you check?
A: You can log in to the ASB webstore under "My Account" and see all purchases on your individual student account.

Q: How can I get my yearbook if I missed distribution?

A: If you did not come to the three yearbook distribution days for the 2021 book, you can see Mrs. Herman in Finance until 30 June 2021 to get your book.  After that, see advisor Mrs. Boehme in PackDen2 (the Yearbook room) starting on 10 August 2021.  Please bring a photo ID.  

Q: What's virtual yearbook signing?
A: Our publisher is teaming with KudoBoard to offer virtual yearbook signing.  Check it out and get the promo code here.  
Q: I want to buy an old yearbook.  How can I do that?
A: We have a limited number of past books available (2020 for $85; no 2019 books available; 2018 for $20; some older years, too).  The books are locked in the yearbook room, so we will check upon return to campus in August 2021.  Please join the WAITLIST. 


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